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Concrete Maintenance

Concrete Maintenance

The B-C-D's of Proper Concrete Maintenance:

Keeping water out from under concrete will help prevent your concrete from sinking! The steps below will help keep your concrete where we put it, and keep your warranty in effect!

B: Backfill

It is very important to keep the proper grade of topsoil along the side of slabs of concrete. If you can see the side of the slab, add topsoil all the way to the top of the slab. Then, grade the topsoil so water runs away from slab.

If you have rock or mulch next to your concrete: Pull rock or mulch away from the side of a slab, then add topsoil all the way to the top of the slab, then put the rock or mulch back on top.

C: Caulk

Water getting between seams is one of the biggest factors in concrete sinking and/or heaving. To prevent water getting between the slabs, seams should be caulked after the concrete raising is complete.

Fish Concrete Raising recommends Expert Concrete Care for caulking, patching, and sealing.  Request an estimate from ECC at

D: Drainage

Faulty drainage can be a major contributor to concrete sinking. Pitch all landscaping away from the concrete. Also, check all downspouts to make sure they are not spilling out on or near concrete. Add downspout extensions(tubes) to route water well away from concrete.

"Brett did a nice job leveling my entry walk!"

"Brett did a nice job leveling my entry walk. It is two series of four and six steps separated by two flat pieces of four and seven feet. The walk was really tipping down the hill. He did a good job of aligning and leveling the walk. Brett arrived when he said he would and finished before the day was out. His crew was great about keeping off all the plants lining the walk and did a super cleanup job. Though the work took longer than he thought it would, the price was his original. I highly recommend his company." - Nancy Welsh, Madison