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Why Raise Concrete?

Why Raise Concrete?

"I was impressed!"

"They arrived promptly. Brett explained every detail what they were going to do. They finished the job in under 3 hours. I was impressed! They were polite and courteous, and made sure I was happy with the entire job before they left. I will be hiring them again next spring to repair my garage floor and driveway. They were great." - Patti Lillesand, Verona

What is Mudjacking?

Mudjacking can also be referred to as “Concrete Raising”, “Concrete Lifting” or “Slabjacking.” It is a cost effective, green alternative to replacing concrete!

Why Raise Concrete instead of Replacing Concrete?
  • Save 50-75% over concrete replacement
  • Be ‘Green’ by saving your perfectly good concrete from going to the landfill
  • Work is done in hours instead of days
  • No messy clean up or labor intensive landscaping repair
  • Remove dangerous 'trip hazards' from your home or business
  • Add value to your home by creating more 'curb appeal'
How Does Fish Concrete Raising Lift Concrete?

Concrete can settle from faulty drainage, frost heaves, or settling of the ground under the concrete. Fish raising Concrete Raising drills 1" holes in the concrete slab, then pumps a specialized, grout under the concrete. This grout then fills any void under the slab of concrete and 'lifts' it back to it’s original position. The holes are then filled with a quick setting concrete and the concrete is ready for use.

What Can Be Raised?

Driveways, Patios, Stoops, Sidewalks, Patios, Garage Floors, Handicap Ramps, and More!